Located in Bakersfield, California, Aspect Engineering Group is recognized as a leading provider of control systems automation and programming services by every major oil and gas producer in the San Joaquin Valley.

In addition to technical knowledge and expertise, we build client relationships that continue through many years and even through client job changes. We deliver comprehensive automation services safely and on time, with professional relationships that endure through project completion and beyond.

Aspect Engineering is the only firm in the area offering end-to-end automation and integration consulting. For example: from the well source in the field to analysis, accounting, and regulatory reporting needs, Aspect Engineering connects the process to be seamless and reliable. The same principles used in the petroleum industry apply to municipalities, such as for water treatment plants.

Aspect Engineering Group works with petroleum companies and municipalities to define the criteria for efficiency, then design and implement automated systems to meet your process and reporting challenges. The result is smoother internal management that also satisfies external reporting mandates.

The demand for data throughout the supply chain and reporting process is complex. It takes an understanding of the industry and the tools needed to reliably deliver on the full spectrum of data and mechanical needs. With a focus on safety for employees and facilities, we design and implement automation control systems and data reporting. As needed, our services include database design/integration and custom client applications. Frequently, Aspect Engineering also serves as project managers on the systems we design. Complete project management covers scheduling, managing the scope of work, and controlling costs.

Aspect Engineering’s fully integrated end-to-end consulting solutions provide you with a level of accountability that ensures success. Located in Bakersfield, California, we have a reputation for completing projects safely, on time and on budget. We offer leading technologies and best practices honed from over 20 years’ experience in the field.